Your employee mental wellness partner

WhiteSwan brings the most exhaustive range of services for organizations that are ready to redefine their employee mental wellness program


An organization’s mental wellness program is typically focused
at those who may be experiencing emotional health issues and are ready to
seek professional help. Which is why an employee mental wellness program takes
a curative-backwards approach, resulting in it serving a small number of

An effective employee mental wellness program must be relevant and
valuable to every employee in the organization. It is critical to acknowledge
that employees are at different stages in their emotional health journey


WhiteSwan’s offerings for employee mental wellness
program is based on our belief that such a program must
engage with the entire workforce and not just those experiencing mental wellness issues. Our products and services acknowledge the fact that employees are at different stages in their mental wellness journey and, therefore, need different kinds of handholding, support, care and empowerment. 

Our Offerings

Our range of offerings adopts two key strategies:

1. Capacity building of employees based on their personal needs and the role they play in the organization

2. Care services that go beyond curative approach to being an ally to the employee